To Charmed fans who are viewing this page.....i created a tv show for the Charmed series called "Charmed: A New Beginning. The story takes place a few months after the original series ended when the Charmed Ones (Piper, Phoebe, and Paige) are confronted by a male teenager and come into the discovery that he is their brother on Patty and Victor's side. The teen's name is Jake Halliwell who possesses all three powers like Melinda Warren. He is also a twin of Phoebe who was given up at birth. Grams didn't have the time to properly bind his powers, but only had time to freeze his powers and jinx him so that he would age very slowly. The Jinx would be lifted the moment Jake reunited with his sisters. Somehow, when Jake reaches a certain level in his powers, he can be the Power of Three all on his own. But Jake has struggles throughout the series since Phoebe graciously welcomes him to the family, but Piper and Paige just don't want to accept him. I've planned the show to at least run for six seasons.

If you have any questions, contact me at or find me on Facebook.


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