Dantalian, a Dark Priestess

The only Dark Priestess to appear in the show was Dantalian in the Season 3 episode, "Bride and Gloom".

What is know about Dark Priestesses is that they promote Evil and Dark Magic into family lines and shield their activites from the radar of Good.


(Book of Shadows text:) 'the power of three set will free summer days flowers let it shine let it go let it dream someday some one somethin' bad some hearts. a dreams some one something in the water my love heart dream once upon a time when he loved me she one thing about that bass

A dark priestess can bestow great powers of evil
upon those who she binds as husband and wife.
Using a dark binding ceremony, powerful high
priestesses overwhelm good individuals with evil
and pollute their family lines with dark magic.
To vanquish a dark priestess, use this Spell:
power snow once upon a time save world land power of four a dream ocean sometimes over you and over me .
Powers of Light,
Magic of Right,
Cast this Blight,
Into Forever's Night
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