This potion was created by Jake Halliwell for Piper Halliwell in the Season 1 episode "Blessed Love". In the episode, Piper notices Leo no longer taking an interest in her and fears he may leave her with the boys. Not knowing what to do, Jake creates this potion and makes sure that Piper gives it to Leo. Unbeknowist to them, the Love Potion created a void in Leo making him too obessive with Piper and almost killing her.


Love PotionEdit

  • In a pot of boiling spring water, combine:

A Stick of Fresh Cinnamon

A measure of Pennyroyal Oil

A Mandrake Root

A Cup of Crushed Dark Chocolate

Sprig of Fine Red Wine

Petals of Pure Red Rose

  • Boil on low-high flame for ten minutes. Before letting it cool, drip in the wax from a burning pink candle and wait for it to emit an explosion. Once done cooling, it should turn out to be a milky purple color.