This spell was used in the Season 1 episode, "The Night the Lights Went Out in San Fransisco". In the episode, a graduate of The Academy wants to pursue a career as a Darklighter, but was denied. In an effort to prove himself, he went to the Underworld Leaders and they granted him the powers of a Darklighter. He then went to San Fransisco and started kidnapping all the Whitelighters, and then when all of them were in his grasp, he would kill one of them and gain the power to orb to get to The Elders. Since Paige was half-Whitelighter, she was kidnapped by the demon. When she wouldn't answers any of the siblings' calls, Jake went to the Book of Shadows and created an alternate spell of the "To Call a Lost Witch" spell, but it would only call Whitelighters.


To Call a Lost WhitelighterEdit

  • Put the following ingredients in a Silver Mortar:

A Pinch of Holy Thistle

A Sprig of Holy Water

A Shisandra Root

  • Grind with a Pestle while chanting:

Hear my voice

Hear my cry

Muses and Angels across the sky

I call the one who can guide me

And teach me the meaning of Blessed Be

  • Spill the blood of the Caller into the Mortar and continue chanting:

Charge to Angel, I summon thee

Guardian Whitelighter, return to me